Horizon Services Portfolio

While some organizations are geared toward ensuring quality, and others are capable of cost-effectively processing a large volume of transactions, Horizon does both. As a recognized expert in high volume workflow management, Horizon has reconciled quality and quantity. High volume workflow management involves directing and facilitating a process comprised of interdependent tasks that require detailed coordination, must be performed on exceedingly high volumes of work, and executed within stringent timeframes.

“High volume workflow management” is a phrase Horizon coined to describe the more than 40,000 mortgage insurance applications we processed each month for HUD, the in-depth quality control underwriting reviews conducted for 7,500 additional loans, and much more.  Working in such high volume where both accuracy and timeliness are critical, could potentially be a stressful, pressure-cooker environment resulting in employee burnout and high staff turnover.  Yet, 30% of Horizon’s team members stayed with the company for 10 years or more.  We believe this is a testimony to the way we value and treat our teams, and the way they interact with each other.  Ultimately, employee retention results in maintaining a culture of excellence and providing better quality service to our clients.

Prior to and throughout an engagement, Horizon analyzes customer operational practices to identify opportunities to streamline existing workflows. Horizon then develops a customized solution that removes redundant and wasteful procedures with the goal of improving quality and eliminating expensive inefficiencies. As a result, commercial customers are freed up to focus on growing their business and maximizing profitability, and government agencies can focus on their regulatory missions.

Our services

Horizon is able to take its expertise in high volume workflow management and apply it to numerous industries and varying customer requirements. Horizon’s existing broad categories of Services offered include:

  • Document Due Diligence
  • Financial Outsourcing Support
  • Administrative Support

Document Due Diligence

As part of its Document Due Diligence service offering, Horizon will analyze customer documents for completeness, compliance, and accuracy. Horizon notifies customers of deficiencies and provides well-documented reports and checklists that demonstrate the analysis and support the reviewer’s opinion and conclusions. In addition, quality control inspections are conducted to ensure that customer performance expectations are being met.

Horizon’s Document Due Diligence services benefit customers by protecting them from fraud and abuse, and they also benefit borrowers by protecting them from predatory lending. The company performed mortgage due diligence reviews on over 500,000 FHA mortgages per year. Horizon’s services have directly contributed to the creation of a feedback channel for underwriters, the improved quality of review findings, and the attainment of refunds for borrowers.

Financial Outsourcing Support

Outsourcing services to Horizon enables financial institutions to focus on their core business of loan origination, and government agencies, such as HUD, to focus on their regulatory mission. Customers can reduce expensive overhead costs, mitigate risks associated with fast-changing market conditions, and benefit from economies of scale. Horizon performs an array of

Financial Outsourcing Support services including Appraisal Management and Automated Valuation Model (AVM) services. Horizon serves as the customer’s single point of contact for all requests, issues, and problem resolution in the area of business being outsourced. As a result, valuable time is not wasted ordering appraisals, dealing with missed deadlines, calling on appraisers to resolve problems, or worrying about mortgage compliance issues.

Administrative Support

Horizon also has the skills and experience to provide various administrative support services such as Data Entry and Mailroom Management & Processing services. Horizon understands how important administrative support services can be to a customer’s overall business operation. It’s managing the effort in large volumes that is the challenge, and Horizon’s expertise in high volume workflow management enables the company to deliver on each customer commitment.

Value Added Service Deliverables

Horizon also provides the following value added service deliverables to its customers:

  • Customized Reporting
  • Quality Control Plans
  • Performance Measurements

Horizon Contract Vehicles

Horizon has several purchase vehicles available to meet customer- specific needs. These include:

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) based on GSA Schedule for Financial & Business Solutions (SINs 520-3, Due Diligence and Support Services and 520-15, Outsourcing Recurring Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services)
  • Various standard government contracts (e.g. indefinite delivery/ indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contracts, fixed fee contracts, etc.)
  • Standard and custom commercial contracts

Service Values to Live By

Horizon operates on the principles of honesty, integrity, professionalism and hard work.  We have incorporated these values into everything we do, and we believe they are a large part of our success – because when you treat everyone with honesty, trust and respect, it is returned tenfold.