Doubling Operations for Atlanta HOC

Doubling Operations Without Slowing Down

The Challenge:  Horizon had been responsible for the Insurance Endorsement Processing (IEP) function for one-half of the Atlanta Home Ownership Center (HOC); another contractor was responsible for the other half.  When the time came to renew the contracts, Horizon bid on both and was awarded both.  It was the first time HUD had awarded both contracts to a single vendor – a reward for Horizon’s hard work, but one that brought with it an additional problem.  How would Horizon handle twice as much work without getting behind?

The Horizon Solution:  Part of Horizon’s contract is the stipulation that work be processed within 72 hours; if it isn’t, the work is considered late.  Fortunately, Horizon management had the foresight to plan in advance how they would handle this if awarded the second contract; they had been recruiting during the evaluation process.  Having decided to retain only a few of the other contractor’s most qualified employees, Horizon needed to recruit for all positions.  So after the contract was awarded and new staff hired -- but before the contract’s actual start date -- Horizon conducted training in Atlanta.  New employees became familiar with all aspects of IEP – the Desk Guide, checklist, workflow charts and screens.

The Results:  After their thorough training, the new employees were ready to go to work on day one of the contract.  They were able to maintain production levels and Horizon was able to meet contract specifications without any backlog or slowdown.  We had virtually doubled our staff all at once while continuing to meet our customer’s expectations for accurate, on-time delivery of work.

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