UPS Strike

Horizon Team Rallies During UPS Strike

The Challenge:  Meeting our customers’ needs with efficiency and speed depends upon consistent, daily shipments to and from Horizon and our customers’ offices.  Shipments can vary widely, but Horizon must be ready to accept and act upon them as they are received.  On one day, a HUD office assigned over 20 boxes of FHA case binders for Technical Review.  The problem was that UPS workers were on strike, and the company could only agree to pick up two boxes per day for 10 days, rather than 20 on one day, a situation which would have kept Horizon from meeting its customer’s deadlines.  While Horizon has working relationships with other carriers, they could not handle the overload either.

The Horizon Solution:  Horizon is not a company that retreats from a challenge.  Long before it became a catch-phrase, Horizon had the mantra, “We can do it.”  So, by way of trains, planes and rental vehicles, Horizon’s management team traveled personally to HUD offices, picked up case binders, placed them on airline cargo services and brought them to headquarters for processing.  We continued this procedure for the duration of the strike, working around the clock to meet our customers’ on-time delivery.

The Results:  When the UPS strike ended, Horizon was on time with customer deliveries of processed work.  What could have been a disaster resulting in a huge backlog to catch up on, was an on-time success instead.  And all the folks with mortgage and refinance applications were none the wiser.

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