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Working Weekends and Evenings , Horizon Completes 400 Field Reviews Ahead of Schedule

The Challenge:  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – in response to a Congressional inquiry – needed to conduct 400 in-person Field Reviews within a short timeframe.  The agency hired Horizon to handle all 400 reviews, with the assurance that they would be done on time and with the highest quality.

The Horizon Solution:  With no time to spare, Horizon immediately hired additional licensed appraisers and administrative and support staff.  We assigned senior staff to personally conduct the reviews, knowing they had the experience to handle the reviews effectively and in a timely manner.  Horizon quickly set in place special procedures to overcome the job’s unique challenges, which included:

  • Developing a new, proprietary tracking system in Microsoft Access so appraisers could track the progress of each review
  • Providing all appraisal staff with desktop access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – normally accessible only to brokers and their staff – so appraisers could view a home’s characteristics quickly and easily
  • Developing strategies to successfully manage “access denials” – when homeowners refuse access to their homes for any number of reasons – including authorizing overtime at company expense so that inspections could be conducted on evenings and weekends

The Results:  Horizon’s expertise enabled us to quickly assess the overall situation, hire additional qualified staff and establish the special procedures and unusual access needed to get the job done.  As a result, Horizon realized a higher than typical percentage of successful interior inspections.  All 400 reviews were completed within the specified tight timeframe and, in fact, ahead of schedule.

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