Team Member Reflections

Effective November 14, 2014, Horizon bid farewell to the last of its full time team members as they transitioned to another contractor.  Though the transition is bittersweet, it is never goodbye, just “until we meet again.”  Below are summaries and words from several team members and managers to transition from Horizon over the years, which remain on this website as all team members remain in our thoughts, prayers and most importantly, in the heart of Horizon.  Enjoy!

“I appreciate the constant motivation and steady flow of work. I also work with a great team and supervisors.”

Matthew Banks, Endorsement Support Technician 2013 - 2014

“Learning more about the mortgage industry and being a part of a diverse team. I’m really happy to be here.”

Yvette Yuzon-Duterte, Endorsement Technician 2012 - 2014

“Most companies are concerned with the work and not their employees. Horizon caters to their employees and this interest in their staff creates a pleasant environment to work. You know you work with people that genuinely care and it makes a difference.”

Damien Moore, Endorsement Support Technician 2008 - 2014

“I have a great manager! He makes my job easier and is very helpful. I also like how I have the opportunity to learn more about mortgages and the ins and outs of purchasing a home. Coming back to Horizon, the people work great together as a team and I’m looking forward to growing with the company.”

Denise Brown-Williams, Endorsement Technician 2007 - 2013

 “Horizon has been very good to me. The atmosphere is perfect and I have the opportunity to learn new things. I appreciate…open door policy and am very pleased to work for a company that embodies such philosophies.”

Virgil Loftin, Endorsement Support Technician 2008 - 2014

"I'm where I'm supposed to be."

Laura Walker, Mortgage Credit Reviewer 2001 - 2010

"I enjoy the variety my job offers. Every scenario is different and challenging. Each day I have the opportunity to learn a new aspect and/or skill as well as become more proficient at others."

Terry Akin, Executive Assistant/HR Administrator 2009 - 2012


Horizon has been honored to work with dozens of great Project Managers since 1995.  It is also pleased to announce that many have left Horizon and continue to lead teams for other organizations, and in some cases, have joined FHA’s team, its major client since 1994.  Over the years, over a dozen Horizon team members in supervisory or management roles have been hired by FHA.  In addition, others have landed at major corporations or even ventured into entrepreneurship.  Horizon has remained grateful for each and every team member who said yes and added their gifts, time and talent to this organization and hopes for them only the best of everything.  A few words from former managers below:

"I love working here. The atmosphere is so positive that I find it easy to be motivated."

Julie Hansen, Virginia, Project Manager Technical Review Business 1998 – 2010

"The constant feedback, accessibility, appreciation and communications from executives to the staff is awesome!"

Glennice Meyer James, Atlanta, Corporate Senior Project Manager 2002 – 2010

“Horizon is the team where you can feel the appreciation and connection.   Horizon always takes the time to acknowledge their team – from its Employee Appreciation lunches to the Employee of the Month awards; Horizon lets everyone know their hard work is appreciated.”

Nadirah Brockington, Philadelphia, Assistant Project Manager 2008-2013

"There is no 'I' at Horizon.  Although we are all individuals with different personalities and backgrounds, we have the attitude that 'we're all in this together.'  And together, we make a very good crew." 

Luciouna Mallard, Denver, Project Manager 2003-2013

"Managers aren't left 'out on a limb' at Horizon - left to figure things out on their own -- as they are at some companies. There is an open door policy here with management and with other Project Managers, so we can compare cases and work together to solve problems."

Summer Totten, Atlanta, Assistant Project Manager 2008-2014

"There is no 'typical' Horizon person, and I like that. I enjoy working with Horizon's variety of individuals, helping them day-to-day, and watching them succeed."  

Dave Casey, Philadelphia, Project Manager 2009-2013

"At Horizon, the team is very supportive and the opportunities for growth are limitless. We're a family and we always have one another's backs!"

Shawn Lawson, Atlanta, from tech support to Senior Project Manager 2001-2014